Order of Christian Initiation for Adults


Interested in Catholicism or completing your sacraments?

Of the seven sacraments that Catholics have, there are three of them that complete our initiation into the faith; Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation.

As life will have it, there are reasons why we may not have completed all these sacraments while growing up. The good news is that we have a process to prepare you for any of these three initiation sacraments. Through the Order of Christian Initiation for Adults (OCIA, formerly known as RCIA) we can help. It is an amazing experience to explore your faith from an adult perspective!

That said, if you are not Catholic and would like to learn more about how Catholics approach the Christian faith, this would also be a great opportunity for you to learn more. Contact Marguerite in the parish office for more information!

The Precatechumenate: A Time of Inquiry & Growth

Beginning your journey: Contact S. Joann Julka to schedule an informal meeting to share a little about yourself and where you are on this faith journey.

After this initial meeting, you will be directed to a team member who will mentor you through the Period of Inquiry. This period lasts as long as needed for inquiry and introduction to gospel values. It is a time to ask questions and to learn about Jesus, the Catholic Church and Catholicism, the Bible, the Sacraments and other questions you have about faith and God.

At the end of this period, you will discern if you are ready to continue this journey of faith in the Catholic church. If so, you will prepare to celebrate the Rite of Acceptance.

The Catechumenate: A time of Catechesis and Faith sharing

This step of the journey begins with the Rite of Acceptance/Welcome and ends with the Rite of Sending/Election.

The two public rituals afford the community the opportunity to come to know, recognize and pray for and with you.You will be expected to attend Mass through the Liturgy of the Word and then will be dismissed to process the Scriptures and continue to learn about the faith you seek.

The Rite of Sending happens at the parish church.

The Rite of Election, usually celebrated the 1st Sunday of Lent, happens at the Cathedral with the Archbishop. This rite ratifies your readiness for the sacraments of initiation.


The Time of Enlightenment & Purification

This period usually happens during the Lenten Season.

It is a time of reflection, centered on conversion, marked by some rituals and presentations and preparation for the rites on Holy Saturday.

Dismissal at Mass continues.


Mystagogy or Postbaptismal Catechesis

Period of time usually during the Easter Season

Introduce the “neophyte” into a fuller and more effective understanding the mysteries…” (RCIA 245) through discussion of the Gospels, sharing the Eucharist, and doing works of charity (the mission of the parish)

Meet to “unpack” the Holy Saturday experience and to enter more fully into the community

Marguerite Thompson

Director of Adult Formation and Social Justice