Marguerite Thompson

Director of Adult Formation and Social Justice

Since July 1, 2020 I have had the real pleasure of ministering at Good Shepherd as the Director of Adult Formation and Social Justice. Following the tradition of Good Shepherd, I work with parishioners to provide quality adult learning and opportunities for social justice ministries. Listening to and fostering the growth of parishioners on their unique paths and as a community is of primary value.

Originally from Richmond, VA, we moved to Kansas (my Mom’s home state) when I was nine. Eventually I graduated from college with a degree in theology and subsequently pursued two master’s degrees in Systematic Theology and more recently Depth Psychology. I’ve been involved in ministry since 1980.

I moved to Wisconsin in 1994 when I met my sweet spouse in summer school. We married in 1997 and have lived ever since in Menomonee Falls. When not deepening my understanding of spirituality, theology, psychology, adult and justice education, I enjoy exploratory hiking, riding bikes, music, reading, writing and connecting with family.

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