Dear Friends in Christ,

Good Shepherd Parish has renewed its participation in the Love One Another Campaign. God’s guidance and unconditional love have helped us navigate recent challenges and we remain a vibrant faith community.

I am fully supportive of this campaign in which 60 percent of what we raise will go toward meeting our own parish needs. The remaining funds will support new and expanded efforts focusing on the poor and those in need, Saint Francis de Sales Seminary, Catholic education, and vital ministries throughout the 10 counties of southeastern Wisconsin.

Your pledge will make a significant impact within our parish, the Church, and the community. Please take a moment to review the impact the Love One Another Campaign will have at Good Shepherd. I hope you embrace this wonderful opportunity and ask you to pray for the success of the Love One Another Campaign.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Deacon Sanford P. Sites

Parish Director

Through much prayer, planning, and conversation, we have identified our greatest needs and initiatives to strengthen our mission and vision for years to come.

Our share of the funds raised will help upgrade our building and grounds, renovate our church, enhance financial security, update technology infrastructure, and enhance community outreach.



Upgrades will address our short-and long-term anticipated needs. The focus will include the boiler & HVAC systems, south parking lot replacement, implementation of Pope Francis’s Laudato Si’ to make our facilities more energy efficient, replacements of old windows and doors where needed, upgrades to the south entrance which include noise abatement doors, and the installation of a new divider in Daniels Hall.

Approved Projects
  • Replace flooring in HOPE Network office and AA Clubhouse
    • $5,270.00
  • Parking lot sealing and striping
    • $17,750.00
  • Parking lot lighting – Replace with LED fixtures
    • $5,100.00
  • North building lights – Replace with LED fixtures
    • $500.00



Renovations will include modernizing the parish’s audio and visual technology, installing a stone wall behind the altar and ambo, opening the east wall to allow natural light, and renovating the flooring. All upgrades are oriented towards enhancing parishioners’ overall worship experience.

Approved Projects



We will enhance Good Shepherd’s financial health with supplemental payments towards the approved line of credit established for the roof and west parking lot replacement.

Approved Projects
  • Pay down Line of Credit balance
    • $20,376.95



We will update the overall information technology infrastructure with specific attention to offices and staff servers and computers. Additionally, we will provide training for staff regarding effective use of video, audio, digital, and social media.

Approved Projects
  • Upgrade network hardware and Wi-Fi access points
    • $13,160.00



To recognize, honor, and supplement our outreach tradition, Good Shepherd will bolster support for local, national, and international ministries focused on the poor and marginalized. Examples include, but are not limited to: Capuchin Community Services, Anti Human Sex Trafficking, Ellacuria Support, and area food pantry and homeless shelters. This will be a tithe of 5% of Good Shepherd’s share of the total raised.

Approved Projects