Father Tom Suriano

Assisting Priest

My hometown is Kenosha. I was ordained a priest in 1964. After just a year in the Italian ethnic parish in Kenosha (Our Lady of Mt. Carmel), I was back in grad school in Washington DC and in Rome, since Arch. Cousins asked me to prepare to become a professor of New Testament at our seminary. I did return from grad school and join the seminary faculty until 1981.

Next came parish assignments at St. Leo Parish in Milwaukee, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Milwaukee, and St. Patrick Parish in Whitewater. I am now a “senior priest”. They do not refer to us as “retired”, since both the diocese and most individual senior priests – myself included – want to keep on contributing to the life of the diocese.

I am so pleased to be helping now at Good Shepherd Parish. I am observant and so often impressed by so many graced things in this parish. The Holy Spirit uses this parish community, and this community is willing to be used as instrument by the Holy Spirit.

God be praised.

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