Baptism: A Life Long Journey

It is through Baptism that a person (adult or child) is initiated into the Church, the community of believers in Christ, and saying yes to the mission and ministry of Christ. Becoming a disciple of the Lord is a life long journey of faith and conversion. Sacraments are actions of a believing community and require both preparation and follow-up if they are to be fully effective.

Cooperating with the work of the Holy Spirit is the proper role of the church - the whole believing community. This is the reason we have Baptisms within the Sunday Liturgy. These rites are not private. Initiation is the concern of every member of the church. In these rites we welcome new members into the family of God.

When the Baptism is of an infant, the journey lies mostly in the future. The ritual celebration is only a beginning. It calls for a long-term commitment, a commitment of faith and conversion that will stretch over many years. In infant Baptism the faith of the parents and godparents is essential. Parents are the first teachers of their child in the ways of faith. It is very important that they have a clear sense of the meaning of Baptism and of the responsibilities they are undertaking. It is for this reason that the RITE OF BAPTISM FOR CHILDREN insists that parents be provided with the suitable materials and instructions to prepare them for Baptism. This preparation is a valuable opportunity for parents to deepen their faith and their understanding of the Christian way of life.

Process To Be Baptized

  • Be or¬†become a member. If not one already, click here to become a member.
  • Click here to contact Parish Director Deacon Sandy Sites to express your desire for your child’s Baptism and discuss potential dates for these key elements of the process:
    • The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated during the 4:30 Saturday or 9:30 AM Sunday Mass on the second weekend of the month (with the exception of weekends during Lent and for circumstances unique to a particular family.)
    • Attend an evening of formation
    • Rehearsal and 1st anointing 1 hour prior to Baptism Mass
    • Attend a post-Baptism session, breaking open the experience
Once you have had a conversation with Parish Director Deacon Sandy Sites,
  CLICK HERE to fill out and submit a Baptism Registration.

Choosing Godparents

Godparents are to play a real and vital role in the life of the child being Baptized. Too often, godparents are chosen simply because they are relatives, with parents trying not to offend either side of the family by leaving someone out. The choice should be made on very different grounds.

  • A godparent should be one who will be able to share their faith with the child, helping the child by word and example to understand what it means to live as a member of the Church.
  • It is for this reason that Church requires that a godparent be Catholic, be old enough to¬†undertake the responsibility, be confirmed and living an active faith life.
  • A Christian of another denomination may stand as one of the witnesses at the Baptism. Such a witness should also be actively living the Christian faith in his or own denomination.

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