Generations of Faith
Wants to Build a Boat
of Faith with You!

In Generations of Faith, we’ve been building our Boat of Faith all year. We have added to the boat and discussed these topics:

+ a sail to symbolize our virtues + an anchor to symbolize the Eucharist + a fishing pole to symbolize that Jesus taught us to fish in all different cultures + a rope to symbolize that we all have an effect on one another + a net to symbolize that we are gathered together part of a great community + a lighthouse to symbolize that we need reconciliation to keep our light shining bright

In April we will add a map as we learn about the great directions the Gospels provide to us, and we invite you! Generations of Faith is for everyone from 0-110 years old, single, married, with children at home, empty nesters, parishioners and guests.

Join us after Mass on:
Saturday April 13 at 5:40 PM
Sunday April 14 at 10:40 AM.

The session is just 90 minutes and includes a great meal.

Come pray, learn, visit and worship with us as we learn that God’s love never fails.