Social Justice Corner: The Challenge to Enlarge Our Tent

by Ann Castiglione

San Diego Cardinal Robert McElroy has written an essay that calls for “radical inclusion for LGBT people, women and others in the Catholic church.” He indicates the synodal process has begun to identify “a series of challenges that the People of God must face…” He reaffirms the document “Enlarge the Space of Your Tent” issued by the Vatican to summarize the issues heard in the worldwide synod listening sessions. McElroy states that the church must examine the contradictions voiced. Our church is currently divided into “Catholics who emphasize inclusion and others who perceive doctrinal infidelity in that inclusion.” He further states, in order to change church culture, we must “systematically bring the peripheries into the center of life in the church.” McElroy describes the Pope Francis’ “field hospital” image of church as one in which “the primary pastoral imperative is to heal the wounded. And the powerful pastoral corollary is that we are ALL wounded. [emphasis added]”

I wholeheartedly emphasize reading the entire essay. Cardinal McElroy on ‘radical inclusion’ for LGBT people, women and others in the Catholic Church (America Magazine published January 24, 2023.)