Keep Celebrating Christmas

Our Good Shepherd assisting priests offer a reflection to close the Christmas season:

Christ—Jesus is the reason for the season, the Gift of Hope, Love and Peace.
Holy—Truly the one who shows us the wisdom of a life lived well is the Holy of God.
Redeemer—Our failings bring turmoil, but Jesus is a light to expose our selfish ways.
Inner—Look into the heart and soul for treasures that last, not trinkets of gold and silver that fail.
Son—Of God and Brother to all, One who knows human weakness and strength.
Truth—So much anger and conceit in our world, we seek what is good and honest.
Master—But not leading by fear and power, but leading by mercy, compassion, patience.
Answer—Jesus speaks Words that change hardened hearts.
Salvation—Comes from God through Jesus, into all lives that seek what lasts forever.

We don’t celebrate “Happy Holidays,” but we do celebrate the Christ Child, a Blessed Christmas, a Holy Season. Christmas Day does not end on December 25. As a song says “the real meaning of Christmas is the giving of love every day” all through the New Year.

God bless you and may you give thanks to God for the privilege of this Holy Christmas Season—all year long. See you in Church!

Fr. Tom Suriano & Fr. Peter Drenzek