Sr. Thea Bowman Story

Saturday, December 3
5:45 PM, Daniels Hall
Pizza Dinner & Drinks Served

The racial justice ministry is planning an event to create awareness of African American Catholics and the gifts they bring to our Faith. We have chosen Sr. Thea Bowman (1937-1990), a Franciscan Sister who began her religious life in Lacrosse, Wi.

Sr. Thea was born Bertha Elizabeth Bowman, daughter of a doctor and teacher in segregated Mississippi. They wanted for her a good education and sent her to a Catholic School. Bertha became Catholic at the age of 9 and was educated by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Help. She attended high school at the Franciscan Motherhouse in Lacrosse and became a member of the community and changed her name to Sr. Thea. The hallmark of her faith and justice work was her beautiful voice that created joyful praise.