“The Sistine Chapel”

Sunday, Nov 6 | 10:45 AM | Daniels Hall

Presenter: Lorrie Wenzel

The Sistine Chapel was built with a team of talented Renaissance artists commissioned to create a series of paintings on the walls depicting both the Life of Christ and the Life of Moses. Michelangelo covered the wall and ceiling with over 150 pictorial units, 300 figures and the Last Judgment. Through a presentation of personal pictures taken on a private tour, Dr. Wenzel will identify the biblical stories that saturate the Sistine Chapel.

Dr. Lorrie Wenzel is a former scripture professor, church historian and noted expert in the biblical imagery in sacred spaces. She and her husband recently returned from a two-month trip to Europe, studying over 40 cathedrals and churches in six countries. She has spent hours inside the Sistine Chapel.