A Eucharistic Ministry Note
from Deacon Sandy:

Vatican II reminded us that “Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith.” As such, we should all approach reception of the Body of Christ with great reverence. The proper practice at Mass is to create a cradle with both hands so that the Eucharistic Minister can respectfully, and safely, present to you the Body of Christ. (We know that some come to receive using a cane and therefore can only open one palm to receive. That is perfectly acceptable.) I have noticed that an increasing number of communicants try and take the body of Christ pinching it with two fingers which often creates touching the fingers of the distributor, and causes a potential to drop Eucharist on the ground. Please carefully consider how you approach to receive Eucharist ever conscious of the holy nature of what we do.

A Note of Thank You from Fr. Tom Suriano:

As Fr. Tom continues his recovery, he wishes to thank all those who have given cards and the prayer shawl he received. He looks forward and is on track to be back with us at the end of September. We continue to receive cards for him, and all are welcome to send or bring them to the parish office or drop them in the offering basket. We will be sure he receives them in our periodic visits with him.