Social Justice Corner: Ellacuria Group Update

By Peggy Leonhardt

I asked Rosa Menjivar, a former delegate who visited us from Ellacuria, about the current education situation in El Salvador.
Here is her answer:

Currently we have 98 students. We were able to start full-time classes on January 31 while following security measures. Children now attend classes without masks. They can now socialize with their friends; at least, in school. They study language, mathematics, science, social studies, English, art, and physical education. They attend Monday through Friday half days with boys and girls from nursery school to fifth grade in the morning; sixth to ninth grade in the afternoon. The school year extends from January through November. Unfortunately, the infrastructure of the school buildings is poor. We are trying to get the government to help us repair it; but, so far, we have been unsuccessful in getting them to visit our school. Thank you for expressing an interest in our children and their education.