God, on the Day I Called for Help, You Answered Me

This week’s psalm, Psalm 138, is a celebration of prayers answered, a thanksgiving psalm. Written in the first person gives us an opportunity to make this a personal prayer. Think of a time when God has answered our prayer. Get in touch with the accompanying emotion or emotions, giving meaning to the prayer. With the angels and saints, we give thanks and become aware of the presence of God in good times and bad. There are many times we need to count on God’s help, now and for ever.

I thank you with all I am, I join heaven’s chorus.
I bow toward your holy temple, to praise your name.

By your love and fidelity, you display to all
the glory of your name and promise.

As soon as I call, you act, renewing my strength.

Though high up, you see the lowly;
though far away, you keep an eye on the proud.

When I face an opponent, you keep me alive.
You reach out your hand, your right hand saves me.

God, take up my cause, your love lasts for ever.
Do not abandon what your hands have made.

[verses adapted from The Psalter © 1995, Archdiocese of Chicago: Liturgy Training Publications.]