Trustee Treasurer Election

Thank you to Tammy Hernke who finishes up her term at the end of June 2022 as the Good Shepherd Trustee Treasurer.

Beginning June 11, we now open the nomination process for candidates to be submitted to the parish office by no later than noon on July 6.

Candidates will be vetted by Parish Director Deacon Sandy Sites. Once confirmed, candidate bios will be posted for community review between July 16-July 24. Should we have more than one candidate, an election will take place on the weekend of July 30-31.

Parish Trustee Election Facts & Form

  • A parish trustee must be a parish member, practicing Catholic and at least 25 years old
  • The position is a 2-year term
  • The pastor/parish director can nominate one candidate per opening
  • Additional candidates must be nominated in writing by 10 or more registered parish members
  • Those nominated for election will be required to present a recent credit report to the pastor/parish director for review
  • A more in-depth description with the necessary nomination form can be found here: Trustee-Treasurer-Position-2022

This position is important to the operation of the parish. Please review the description and consider if you feel called to serve the parish in this role. If you know someone who would make a great trustee, please encourage her/him to consider nomination.

If you have any questions, please contact Nic Zepnick:

Thank you, Pastoral Council