Entrance Song: Alleluia Give the Glory (Cantor will sing verses)

Psalm: Send Out Your Spirit Tim Ehlinger © 2024

REFRAIN: Send out your Spirit, renewing creation, radiant in your glory.  Your majesty and power, fill the earth.


  1. You send forth the waters that spring from the earth that flow from the mountain tops quenching life’s thirst. With birds of the heavens caressing their world with Your song.
  2. Our days are like those of the grass and the flowers now blooming. The winds will sweep over us leaving us empty of all – but Your love.
  3. You made the moon to mark the seasons. The sun knows the hour of the day. The seas deep and wide, with creatures unnumbered, living things small and great!

Offertory Song: A Place at the Table

Communion Songs:

One Bread, One Body

Salt and Light Tim Ehlinger © 2024

  1. We come to share our journey, As we stumble through darkness of night.

Help us see…help us know… The glow of Your love in our lives.


For we are the light of the world. Flames in the fire that will ‘waken the dawn.

We are the salt for the earth, The treasure and beauty of God.

  1. We’re washed by the waters of life. Renewed by Your soft gentle rain.

Help us feel…help us see… To walk in Your Spirit again.



  1. We break this bread together. A symbol of many made one.

Help us to listen…help us to watch… For Your promise raised up in the Son.


  1. We join in song together. Our hearts joined in spirit and prayer.

Be with us…strengthen us… To bring forth Your kingdom again.


Recessional Song: This Little Light of Mine (Cantor will sing verses)